Zelf QR Code Maken- What Are Zelf QR Codes And How You Can

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Zelf QR Code Maken

Quick Response Codes better known as qr codes are 2 dimensional bar codes that are interpreted by smartphone cameras that have been equipped with an app for code-reading. Once a qr code has been scanned, for example, a web address that has been embedded n the qr code will pop up on your phone’s browser and this in turn saves you typing time.

There are several websites that convert standard URLs to qr codes. There are also some qr conversion websites that can encode phone numbers, text, RSS feeds and even maps. Some of the qr generating sites available include Qurify,Delivr and Kaywa. There is also the Google URL Shortener which crates qr code files from shortened links.

What size and format should the qr code have to be?

Generally speaking, having a larger qr code makes it easy to scan. However, there are qr scanning devices that can scan images that are small enough to fit in business cards; if the image quality is good.

For the format, you can have a qr code that is in:

  • SVG
  • Tiff File
  • HTML Code
  • EPS
  • PNG File

PNG files are most suitable as they are easily resizable. This means that it is easy to scale a qr code depending on the position you would like it to be at.

Zelf QR Code Maken-other 2 dimensional barcode formats

Qr codes are the most popular types of 2 dimensional barcode formats. However, there are others like the:

  • Microsoft Tag: This barcode format is best known as High Capacity Color Barcode. It makes it easy for you to customize your barcode by adding color that can match your brand.
  • Data Matrix: This barcode is commonly used in small electrical components.
  • EZcode: Here, the data is not stored in the code but in a Scanbuy server.
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