Your Own QR Codes

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Your Own QR Codes

By Now, everyone must have been exposed to Quick Response Codes in one way or the other. QR Codes are the black and white squares you see on ads, posters and product labels. You must also know that they are used to store massive amounts of information as compared to conventional barcodes. Now, you are going to learn of how to decorate your own QR codes with images and logos inserted in the center. First off, take a look at how you can DIY.

How to make QR codes yourself

When you choose the DIY approach to decorate your QR codes with images and logos, you may find it to be trickier compared to doing it using a computer. You need to be careful so that you do not block certain parts of your QR Code as that might affect the code’s scanability. Here is how to go about it:

  1. Choose the content: This can be a URL, text, SMS or phone number. The information depends on your QR needs.
  2. Make the code using an online generator: Online generators such as visualead make it easy for you to create a QR Code in minutes.
  3. Save the code: Right-click on the QR Code image and then “save as” to have the imaged saved.
  4. Open the code: you will need the help of a program such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP or Microsoft Pain for the image.
  5. Insert the logo at the center of the code: Make sure that you set the error correction to about 30%. Paste the logo you want to use at the code’s center. Once you are through, you should try scanning the code to ensure that it is working.
  6. Save the new code: Save the new code in a format of your choice.

Creating your own QR codes using an online generator

  • Choose the content: A QR Code generator like visualead has a variety of options for the types of QR codes you can create. It can either be, but not limited to, a vCard, text, and URL and contact information.
  • Click on Generate:This creates the QR Code.
  • Upload the logo or image:You can upload the image you want to inset in the QR Code. If you do not have an image you would like to use, generators like visualead have ready images you can use.
  • Customize the code: This simply means that you edit or crop the image to a size you find suitable.
  • Save the code.
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