You Know What A QR Code Is, What About A Visual QR Code?

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You have seen these black and white boxes invade advertisements everywhere and lately they have been found even amongst the dead.


They are QR Codes or quick response codes. These black and white machine generated codes are the bridge that allows users and customers to turn any print ad or design into an online interactive experience using their Smartphone and a QR Code scanner app. QR Codes are the easiest, quickest and most cost effective way for businesses to engage potential consumers anywhere, anytime.

One of the best QR Code campaigns by Budweiser. Scan the code and stop time.

[youtube id=”UAhl3AaOCYY” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Then Heineken followed up and implemented QR Code technology at their music festival and called it “U Codes”

[youtube id=”FK5yPSWOZtw” width=”600″ height=”350″].



First came websites that were loaded with text then came blogs which added more images and less text then came Pinterest which knocked out text completely and relies completely on images to relay a message. First came phones with small screens and keyboards then came big screens and no keyboards. In case you don’t get it, technology is taking the visual route.

Just as technology is moving towards a more visual world and allowing platforms such as Pinterest to rule, Visual QR Codes are the next natural stage for customer engagement. Unlike the traditional QR Code which stands out like a thorn in an ad design and is lacking creativity and a clear call to action. A Visual QR Code has the ability to become part of any design and transform any image, logo or design into a QR Code and produce a more communicative, creative and effective call to action.

Visualead has developed a patent pending technology that allows any design itself to be transformed into a QR Code and has freed the traditional QR Code from design boundaries. Instead of trying to figure out where the QR Code can be placed on an ad without ruining the original design, make the design itself a QR Code.

Generated In Under A Minute UsingVisualead

You want to offer a discount for those who scan your code? Instead of writing “Scan for discount” create a Visual QR Code and let the design do the talking.

A company wants people to follow them on Twitter? Scan the bird! Visualead’s visual QR Codes are clear, creative and can easily be merged with a design.

The QR Codes created with the Visualead generator are so design friendly it almost looks like they are actually part of the picture.

The question is not whether or not you should use a QR Code but rather why would you when you can use a Visual QR Code.

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