Why you need a QR Code on brochures and other marketing collateral


Whether you’re printing a brochure or any other marketing material for your brand, it’s imperative that you embed QR codes in everything that you’re publishing. QR codes present a new medium to connect with your readers that surpasses far beyond what a plain brochure is able to accomplish. Below is a list of four crucial reasons why QR codes must be included in your next brochure, irrespective of your brand’s niche.

Allow your readers to connect with your brand immediately

With a traditional brochure, there is a costly gap between the time that a potential customer reads through your brochure and the time that an actual purchasing decision is made. With the inclusion of a QR code, you present the reader an opportunity to immediately connect with your brand while reading your brochure. In doing so, you’re more likely to form a lasting connection with the reader, since any call-to-action that is included in your marketing material can be acted upon instantly.

Reach out to a broader audience

Many consumers, especially consumers in the valuable younger demographics, are more prone to making a purchase through their smartphones than any other medium. A plain brochure will not have the same impact on these readers as an attractive easy-to-use mobile website. Use QR codes to connect with these readers by allowing them the possibility of learning about your brand via a medium that they prefer from the comfort of their own smartphones. By doing so, you’ll be expanding far beyond the reach of a plain brochure.

QR codes are easily integrated with social media

Everyone knows the most valuable playing field today for drawing in valuable customers is social media. Design a mobile-friendly web presence on the leading social media websites, and use your QR codes as a way of increasing the number of likes and followers of your brand. Don’t underestimate the value of social media followers, a connection that a typical brochure is unable to create. Combine the power of traditional printed material with all of the advantages of an active social media presence by integrating QR codes into your brochures.

QR codes cost literally nothing to create!

If you’re already taking the time and effort to create a quality brochure, then it’s worth making at least a minimal effort to embed relevant QR codes. QR codes are easy to learn, and they’ll cost you very little time or money. There are many quality QR code generating apps out there, such as Visualead for example, which are extremely easy to navigate even for inexperienced users. That being the case, creating QR codes is too simple to simply pass up!

In essence, QR codes are a great way of enhancing the irreplaceable value of a traditional brochure. By improving upon your printed material instead of abandoning your offline content, you’ll simultaneously be improving your online marketing strategy as well.

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