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Increase your marketing ROI by combining Offline and Online marketing activates

Promoting a business is hard.

Social networks like Facebook and online listings directories like Yelp are awesome, but how can you get your daily foot traffic customers to like your Facebook page, or write a review about your business Online?,

Direct mail, flyers and ads are great to target new customers, but unlike online resources, they are limited by the amount of information and engagement they can provide.

What if you could use the advantages of both Offline and Online to do better marketing?


This is what Visualead is for. With Visualead, you can merge a QR Code onto any marketing material and lead potential customers into optimized mobile content and promotions. There are many ways in which Visualead can help you grow your business:

1. Grow your social community

Attract customers to perform social likes and shares and reward them for it.

Use our Facebook QR Code to get more likes, our Twitter QR Code to tweet a promotion or attract more follows and our Foursquare QR Code to help customers do check-ins. Our social QR Codes are built to help you reward your customers for their social actions.

2. Attract new customers

Create coupon and promotions QR Codes to make your ads more attractive and engaging. Customers can scan these QR Codes and come to your business to redeem the promotions.

3. Help customers reach you

Share information about your business with our contact card and business page QR Codes. These QR Codes have all the information your customers need to easily learn, find and contact your business directly from their mobile phone.

4. Strengthen your business listings across the web

Use our customer’s review QR Code to get reviews and feedback’s about your business and share them on your Yelp, TripAdvisor and other online listings accounts. The more reviews you’ll have the more attractive your business page would be.

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