Why use QR codes

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why use qr codes

Ever since smartphones were introduces to the mobile market, the use of quick response codes has grown exponentially. This is mainly because the ability smartphones have when it comes to scanning QR codes. QR codes are vital components when it comes to advertising and marketing a product, brand or business. These days, QR codes are used on any platform; from business cards to posters sand even clothing. Business owners and individuals are looking for creative ways of using QR codes to reach the millions of individuals with smartphones.

For a smartphone to be able to scan a QR code, it needs to have a QR code scanning applications. Most smartphones being manufactured today come with ready to use scanners. If your smartphone does not come with a ready to use scanner, you can simply download one from your phone’s online app store. One the app is installed, the phone’s camera acts as the scanning device. Within a few seconds, you will be able to view the info embedded in the code on your phone’s screen.

Why use QR codes – the reasons you should consider using QR codes

With quick response codes, you can redirect your clients directly to your website by placing a URL address in the code. This is a good way of controlling traffic to your website and also ensuring the safety of your clients as they are only redirected to your legitimate website.

The use of QR codes is also a cheap way of doing business, brand or product marketing. This is because QR codes can be created using free generators and dispatching the QR codes is also free.

The reason QR codes are so widely used is also because of their versatility. Apart from redirecting to websites, QR codes can also redirect to an online map, Facebook profile, video or even audio. You can create a QR code from a contact address in your phone using some QR code scanners that also double up as generators.

Why use QR codes – Using colorful QR codes

Now that you understand how important it is to use QR codes,there is no better way to ensure that your QR codes actually get scanned than through the use of visual QR codes. These are simply QR codes that have been customized to include image and attractive colors. Studies show that colorful and customized QR codes are scanned more times than ordinary black and white codes.

In a nut shell, QR codes have the potential to raise your business, brand or product to the next level.

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