Why Microsoft’s Designers Have To Stop Being Square.



Several months ago I blogged about the new Microsoft Surface tablet here and was under the impression that Microsoft might be changing their ways. It seemed, with the release of the new Surface tablet, Microsoft was finally thinking out of the box.

[youtube id=”PP6aTFgkNL4″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

When I heard Microsoft was releasing a new logo I was actually excited to see the PC giant, who triggered so much negative feeling in the past, really showing  signs of change.

 Then I saw what the designers at Microsoft created. I smacked myself in the forehead in disbelief and screamed “WHY?” only to find my coworkers staring at me like some kind of nut.

I can’t  believe how Microsoft missed a golden opportunity to redefine themselves. While the design is clean and simple, Microsoft is struggling with the reputation of being square and did not need a design to confirm such a reputation.

 While Microsoft’s competitors and the rest of the world are trying to innovate and become more creative with their logos Microsoft sharpens the corners? While companies are trying to relay the message of creativity and fun Microsoft goes with simple? WHY?


The world is going visual and I am sure Microsoft designers wanted to get a message across with this new design,  I am just not sure what that message is.

In a world where Microsoft is looked upon as a boring and square, what is it that the designers in Microsoft were trying to say when releasing a square as the new design?

When people said Microsoft has to create a  young look I don’t think they had in mind a logo that looks like it was drawn by a kid.

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