Why I Might Stop Hating Microsoft.

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By: Ari Fuld  Follow @arifuld on twitter

Before I start throwing compliments out to Microsoft I would like to clarify a couple of points.

First of all know that before June 18, 3:30 pm I hated Microsoft!

Now, before you cut me down, let me explain. I do not own a MacBook and I have numerous computers at home and at the office and all are running with Microsoft operating systems.  Windows 3.0, 3.1, 95, 98, Vista, XP and 7 have all been used on my computers over the years. The freezes, the bugs and the amount of time Explorer takes!  I could’ve travelled to and fro from the place I was looking up on Google before Explorer opened! I have been using Chrome for over three years now and haven’t touched IE since and I am happy!

 If there are two words that would precisely define the emotion that Windows has triggered it is:

Microsoft offices they must have a separate hard drive just for  the  amount of error reporting I have sent them. I hate the fact that one  needs an encyclopedia to decipher the amount of hidden shortcuts windows offers and I am not even going to get started on the amount of viruses that effect my computer.
I had it and was about to shut the Window forever, I was going to nail it shut, board it up and put a sign on saying ‘DO NOT ENTER!”

The Second point I want to clarify is, I am an iPhone user and I like it!  Truth be told  I have been eyeing  the  new HTC phones, but that’s a whole other story. When it comes to mobile technology I have trusted Apple  and enjoyed every iPhone that came out.

I had opportunities to try out the Windows mobile  operating system but my reaction was a laugh and a “NO WAY!”

I wasn’t willing to transfer my frustrating  PC experience to my mobile phone. I have kept far away from Windows Mobile and never even held a Microsoft run phone. I don’t know how it works or what specs it has or anything about the Windows Mobile operating system. I was just not willing to give Microsoft another  chance. I threw a rock right through the Microsoft Window.

Finally, I want to make clear that I write this post without ever trying out Windows 8 or the new Microsoft  Surface Tablet.

So when and why have I had a change of heart towards Microsoft?
Last week I was surfing the Web and a large collection of my favorite technology blogs and  I found  Microsoft all over the headlines announcing a major Microsoft media event.

The Mashable headline read:

“Microsoft Set to Unveil Something ‘Major’ on Monday”

On June 18 at 3:30 pm everything  changed. With Microsoft showing real signs of change and improvement my hate turned into curiosity and eventually into; “I want one!”

The music to the ‘Jack in the box’ stopped and  out popped the new Microsoft Tablet.


Microsoft pulled one big rabbit out of the hat!  After the initial scare came the ‘HOLY COW!’
Microsoft has created a piece of art and proved the technology war I blogged about here is just getting better.

Microsoft has succeeded in shocking everyone with their  ingenuity and boldness. The hardware of the new Surface     is something to blog about in itself. The design, the clarity, the simple stand that makes handling the Surface  with so much ease has bounced Microsoft  right back into the driver’s seat.


But like a lover who has been betrayed one to many times, hardware alone could not regain my trust, I wanted to make sure  Microsoft didn’t just pay for cosmetic surgery, I wanted to see what is inside.With the new windows8,  Microsoft has totally revolutionized their operating system and created a beautiful tablet.  It seems Microsoft has succeeded in developing some serious competition to the iPad.

As someone who was burnt by windows I shouldn’t really care. In fact I  should have given up on Microsoft a long time ago but this new tablet along with the new Windows8 operating system has caused some change in the way I look at Microsoft.  My feelings towards Microsoft have changed so much that even when I saw this very embarrassing video of the Surface FREEZING during a live demo, I actually felt bad.

[youtube id=”sBrRxVXUUTI” width=”600″ height=”350″]So here’s  what I have to say to you Microsoft, I am willing to forgive BUT not  forget. I would like to try out the new mobile operating system and definitely would like to get my hands on the new Surface. Microsoft, I am willing to give you another chance. Why?  I see you have put all your effort into improving yourself and catching up with the rest of the world. I don’t think I am ready to  turn in my iPhone just yet but if and when I get a chance to actually test out your phone, tablet  and operating system and they run as smoothly as they look I might just throw the Apple out the window.

I didn’t hear the fat lady sing and so the game is still on and Microsoft is up at bat with the bases loaded!


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