Why HTC Would Be X’d Out On America’s Got Talent

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By:Ari Fuld (@arifuld)


Imagine if Susan Boyle would have taken the ‘Quietly Brilliant’ strategy and never opened her mouth.

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 In a world where companies are fighting for a voice and a buzz HTC is making a huge mistake with their “Quietly Brilliant” marketing campaign. It is only because of HTC’s silence that I chose the Apple over the X.

 There is an all-out war being fought between the mobile phone companies . Advertising along with a loud social media presence are playing a central role in the battle over us, the consumers. Read here why we, the consumers, are enjoying every second of this mobile war and why we stand at the sidelines and scream; FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

There is a direct correlation between the amount of ‘noise’ a company is making and the percentage of the market they have succeeded in capturing.

The latest Samsung Galaxy commercial has made even the biggest Apple fans want to get their hands on the new Samsung device.

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When it comes to HTC the only noise coming from the PR room was their defense against Apple’s attempt to ban HTC phones while suing HTC for patent infringements. HTC is apparently such a huge threat to Apple that the iPhone giant has spent over one hundred million dollars on failed attempts to sue HTC .

The first mobile phone with touchscreen capabilities was built by HTC not Apple.

HTC responded swiftly and put Apple in its place by pointing out that they were the first to build a touchscreen phone. The first touchscreen device was built by HTC and was called XDA, it predated the iPhone by five years.

The repeated failed attempts by Apple to sue HTC should’ve been a PR nightmare for Apple and a marketing gem for HTC . Instead of bragging about their victory over Apple, HTC decided to go with the “quiet” campaign?


HTC was handed a marketing gold-mine and they just let that opportunity slip right through their fingers. HTC, your silence is not brilliant, it’s a missed opportunity!

This Is What Your Marketing Campaign Should Have Said 


In 2007 I purchased what I thought would be a revolutionary mobile phone built by a company I knew very little about . I purchased the HTC Tytyn with the all new touch screen capabilities.

The HTC TyTyn was the new kid on the block and it was supposed to reinvent the mobile phone experience. Unfortunately, there was no Twitter platform for me to express my excitement as I unboxed what I thought was going to be the next big mobile smartphone.

Once unboxed and turned on the problems started almost immediately. The bugs that Windows brought to HTC were just too much to handle. I was restarting the phone at least three times a day due to a frozen screen or unresponsive program. Read why I have decided to forgive Microsoft here.

The HTC TyTyn’s touchscreen capabilities were revolutionary but way underdeveloped.  The delayed reaction and impreciseness of the touchscreen was causing tremendous amounts of frustration. The slide out QWERTY keyboard worked for about a month and I had to return the phone 3 times due to some kind of internal problem that was never fully explained to me.

When Blackberry phones made their way into the market I took my HTC phone up to the third floor and threw it out the window into the creek below. I was offered the new HTC Diamond but I was done with the company called HTC.

I moved on to RIM and the new and exciting Blackberry phones. I had the curve and then the Bold and never thought about HTC again. When I realized that RIM was turning into RIP  I decided to go with Apple for the ultimate mobile experience.

Blackberry, your time on this earth was spent well.


Till a year ago I completely forgot about the HTC name. I have seen iPhone commercials and ads along with many YouTube promotional videos for Samsung, Nokia, Android as well as the newer Microsoft mobile devices but I never saw a single HTC commercial. My opinion was based only on my negative personal experience from five years ago.

Then on one random evening in 2011,while sitting next to my brother in-law, Daniel, who was playing on his mobile phone, everything changed. I could not recognize the mobile device Daniel was using but it was a beauty. As he caught me in my stare he handed over the phone and said, “Check it out.”

 It was only a couple of seconds but I was extremely impressed with the hardware, the HTC inspire 4G is one sexy phone! Things only got better when I hit the power button on the Inspire. The Android OS was smooth and fast, I mean really fast. The Inspire’s screen was bigger and clearer than my iPhone, I was in total mobile shock.

To release me from my shock, Daniel took the phone and turned on Temple Run and handed it back. As I ran and jumped and slid under the obstacles I realized that the sensitivity of this device has to my touch along with the gyroscope movement was way smoother than the iPhone I was using. Did I mention the clarity of the screen? The Inspire was clearer than anything I have ever seen before on any mobile device.

I had only a couple of minutes with the Inspire but I was sold. As soon as I got home I ran to my PC and opened YouTube to find more about this HTC beauty, I found nothing!

HTC advertising and online marketing was so scarce that when I Googled ‘HTC Inspire commercial’  this is what came up in the number two spot on YouTube.

[youtube id=”G4EPbgRtLAw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Common HTC! You can’t tell me your silence has paid off!

Just last week I bumped into an old friend who was using the new HTC One X . I had only 30 second with the OneX but it was enough to become agitated at HTC for their refusal to pump up the volume.

I am looking forward to getting my hands on the OneX so that I can run a full comparison to my iPhone.

Dear HTC,

I had only a couple of seconds to handle the OneX but it is clear that if I you wouldn’t be so quiet about your phones this post would’ve been more about the brilliance of HTC and less about the fact that I can’t hear you.

Hope to hear from you soon,


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