Why Beer Mobile Campaigns Work And What Can You Learn From Them

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Unless your business has no competition and is self reliant on a small number of customers, you should have mobile enabled your company, yesterday!
Whether it be mobile apps or mobile campaigns using SMS, QR Codes, NFC or AR, you should be engaging your users as well as a huge number of potential customers through their mobile devices. This is not about a good idea or being an intuitive business, this is about saving your business. The whole world is walking around with mobile phones and to date, over a billion of those phones are smartphones. What this means in marketing terms is, people are open to engagement every day and all day. If you are not reaching out to your potential market, your competition will.

If there is one market space that has constantly mastered the art of advertising and recently mobile marketing campaigns, it is the beer market.
Budweiser used QR Codes to put the customer in control of ‘Happy Hour’ while boosting beer sales.

Another successful Budweiser campaign used the “Buddy Cup”. With the use of QR Codes and a chip that was placed inside every cup, people were able to connect up on Facebook and turn a beer in to a long lasting friendship.

Heineken, quickly understood the power of mobile campaigns and followed suit with a great ‘You make the call’ mobile campaign. The marketing team at Heineken couldn’t touch the bar scene as Budweiser already conquered the social playground, so they went for the next best thing, the stadium. Besides watching the game, everyone is having an ice cold one while screaming and offering advice to their team and Heineken hit the nail on the head with this one.

If you watched the commercials and smiled but in the back of your mind were saying, “I don’t sell beer, how is this relevant to me?” You completely missed the point. Go back and watch the videos again and let me know if once, in any of the videos, the companies were selling beer.
When it comes to the QR Codes, how many people in the Budweiser bar or at the Heineken stadium realized they did not yet have a QR Code reader on their phone and just didn’t bother and how many do you think rushed to download a QR Code scanner.

Generating engagement through a mobile marketing campaign

What was it that Heineken and Budweiser did correctly and resulted in non-stop engagement and interaction?
They Offered an experience, not a scan.

Using QR Codes effectively

While many are placing QR Codes as if to say “look at us, we are innovative”, these two companies used QR Codes for what they are, a marketing tool, a trigger and a means to an experience.
What were the keys to beer success?

  • Let your customers know what they are getting when they scan, make it worth their while.
  • The scan is a trigger and means to engage and the not the end.
  • People are using their mobile device to scan, make sure your campaign in designed for mobile.
  • Brand your name around an experience not just a sale.

Read here for some advice on effectively using QR Codes in a marketing campaign.

Remember, QR Codes, AR and NFC are tools for marketing and they will only be effective if used correctly.
What other advice would you give a company looking to use QR Codes for a mobile marketing campaign?

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