When Your Corporate Twitter Is Hacked, Be Human And Apologize!

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Today, our Twitter account was hacked.

At first we were upset at the invasion of privacy and then came that annoyed feeling as we spent time and effort erasing all the spam DM’s that were sent to our followers. We sent out a public Tweet apologizing to all our followers and users and quickly reassured our community that the problem was fixed.

After all was settled I had time to sit and breathe and it was then I realized just how damaging such hacks are. I felt the need to write a personal post addressing the issue and apologizing for any inconvenience caused by DM’s that were sent from the Visualead account. I apologize ahead of time for the personal post on a corporate blog but it is our personal relationship with all our followers that was affected by this spam.

Social media was developed to build relationships and allow businesses, famous people and even the President of the United States Of America to become more sociable and have the ability to communicate with….everyone.

Social media has become such a powerful and yet personal tool, that a recent survey taken by The Wedding Report shows that one (1) out of every six (6) couples meet online.

Just how powerful are these relationships? Here’s one video of a couple who met for the first time after 5 years of online conversations.

[youtube id=”3fGRQwn9nUw” width=”600″ height=”350″]

For those of us building corporate social media communities it is clear that it is no longer just about a sale. Online corporate relationships are built on good content, value and being social.

We spend hours, days and even years building online communities that are based on trust and value. Every respectable “Tweep” recognizes the fact that nobody wants to hear a sales pitch and we are careful not to send tweets that might even sound spammy.

Those of us managing corporate Twitter accounts and working the social media world spend 24/7  building valuable relationships. It’s no longer about an individual selling to the public, it’s all about us, the community.




After several hours of going offline to spend some time with the family I turned on my computer to find a FB message from @Hilzfuld that the Visualead Twitter account has been hacked and is sending out malicious DM’s to our followers.

Just to reassure our followers, we have taken care of the issue and have erased all DM’s sent out. Why Twitter does not have an option to erase sent DM’s by bulk is beyond me.

I am not really sure what satisfaction  these hackers and spammers feel as they pointlessly attempt to ruin the reputation of a person or a business but I would like to see Twitter take back control.

These spammers are not only hurting people and businesses but are ruining the Twitter atmosphere and platform. It’s time Twitter spends the time, effort and if needed money to find those responsible for ruining one of the best social media platforms around.


If your Twitter account is hijacked and sending out spam DM’s here are a couple of steps you should take immediately to stop the spamming and take back your account:

1. Change your password.

2. Send out an immediate Tweet that your account has been hacked and no DM’s should be opened till further notice.

3. Go to Setting-Apps and search the programs that you have given permission to access your account.

 If you see any unfamiliar Apps , revoke access immediately.

4. Check the email on the account and make sure it is yours and it is spelled correctly.

VERY IMPORTANT! Although you were not in control, spam has been sent out using your name so don’t forget to apologize.

Once you have taken all these actions, exit from your account and sign back in using your new password.


If only we could react to spammers as Seinfeld reacted to telemarketing sales people, the world would be a funnier place..

[youtube id=”hllDWSbuDsQ” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Have a great week people!

The Visualead Team

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