When Skype, Twitter And QR Codes Are Introduced To Students In North Carolina

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If I had to choose a post that was my personal favorite to write, this would be it!
There are so many reasons why I kept smiling as I am typing and why this story sends happy feelings throughout the Visualead office.

Too many times, businesses that find themselves quickly climbing the ladder of success and forget about the important things in life while focusing on traffic , dollars and cents. It is for that reason exactly that I was extremely excited when I connected with Mrs. Roscoe, an inspiring middle school teacher at the Hamlet Middle School in North Carolina, whose motivation to make a difference and instill in her students the confidence that they can do anything they put their minds to, hit a nerve with us at Visualead.

It all started when I saw a Tweet from Mrs. Roscoe about how she is using Visual QR Codes to teach her students a lesson in mobile marketing and technology. At first it was a regular Tweet that mentioned Mrs. Roscoe used the Visualead Visual QR Code Generator to create a personal Vcard but it was Mr. Jim Butler’s (the principal) reaction that really caught our eye.

Seems like the whole school is connected and using social media as Mrs. Roscoe’s co-workers joined the Tweetup to throw compliments her way.


Using Visual QR Codes and technology to excite kids about education

Here is a little personal confession, I didn’t exactly love school. It wasn’t the teachers or the fact that my father happened to be my principal (he is actually legendary), it was more my lack of interest in what was being taught. Whether it was History or the English teacher teaching us Shakespere, I was wondering where and when in my life will I be using either of those subjects. While I do believe both history and literature are important, I was more of a “teach me about life” kinda guy. That is exactly why when I saw Jim Butler’s second tweet I knew Visualead has connected with a unique kind of school.

After our first Skype session I knew right away that I was speaking with a teacher whose job was her life and whose students are treated as if they were her own children. Whether it was the excitement in her voice as she explained to me how she can’t wait to introduce Visual QR codes to her classes or her bragging about the school’s basketball team, The Hamlet Rams, who lost the championship game by 1 point, I felt I was talking to a mother who was bragging about her own children.

Although the Rams ended the season and missed being crowned champions because of 1 point, the video they made to show appreciation to their coach proves just what a group of superstars they really are.
Scan Hamlet’s Red Rams Mascot and see what champions ar really made of.

From Israel to North Carolina using Visual QR Codes, Skype and Twitter

I asked Mr. Roscoe if she would like to write a post for the Visualead blog, once again her reaction proved that she is not only an inspiring teacher, she is proud of where she works and excited about the potential of her students.
Here is what what Mrs. Roscoe had to say.

Mrs. Roscoe,
The pleasure was all ours.


The Visualead Team

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