What Is The Best QR Code Reader?

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Qr code reader

Since the introduction of android and smart phones with the ability to scan qr codes, the use of qr codes in business marketing has increased. With the increase in qr codes popularity, smart phone manufacturers have come up with a way of creating phones with pre-installed qr code scanners. Even so, there are a majority of smart phones that still do not have pre-installed scanners. For this reason, there are numerous scanner apps available for download from different smart device resources online.

If you own a smart phone that does not have a pre-installed scanner, you can always download it online. In order to find the best scanner, you need to visit the online resource that caters for apps for your type of phone. For android phones, the scanner apps can be downloaded from the android market, for blackberry it is app world while iPhones users can download these aps from the app store.

Qr code reader – some of the qr code readers available in the market

ScanLife – this is an ideal scanner for scanning and reading qr codes from your mobile phone. It is compatible with numerous mobile phones. It can also be sued to read EZcode. It also allows you to build your own application and analyze results from users.

NeoReader – this is also a qr reader that has the capacity to read other types of codes too. It is also compatible with a variety of smart devices like blackberry, Acer, Motorola, HTC and general mobile.

Mobile tag – this is a scanner app that can read one and two dimension codes. It is also compatible with most smart devices.

Qr code reader – Making the best decision

Despite the scanner app you select, they are all designed to serve the primary purpose of scanning qr codes. It is also possible to get a scanner that scans other codes apart from qr. Some of them even give you the ability to create your own qr code. The features all depend on what you are looking for in a qr code reader.

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