What is QR Code? Find out

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What is QR Code

Quick response codes better known as QR codes were first made and used in Japan by a corporation known as Denso-Wave. Their popularity has however grown making them a global phenomenon that has greatly influenced the world of internet marketing. So what is qr code?

QR Codes are 2-dimensional codes that are used together with smartphones to give out the information stored within. Once you have installed a qr code scanner in your smartphone, you will have to scan the code using the camera lens of your phone to get data or information.

Why your business needs a qr code

One of the things that make qr codes worth having is its flexibility. You have the freedom to use these codes for almost anything. These codes will not only benefit you but your customers too. For example, your business will be able to reduce expenses by having a qr code included in their website or URL. It get more information, all your customers will have to do is scan the qr code.

Another benefit is that, qr codes bring the different types of marketing streams together. For example, qr codes link mobile and electronic commerce   thus exposing customers to a different form of advertising. As a result, that business’ exposure is maximized and tis might convert to increased revenue.

Steps to making your own qr code

  1. Identify the qr code generator you would like to use. There are many generators currently being used like GOQR.me, Kaywa and Microsoft Tag.
  2. Choose a design that best represents your business brand image. Many people do not know this but getting a suitable qr code can strengthen or ruin your brand image. Add some color and imagery to the qr code for a more customized look.
  3. Test the complete qr code to ensure that it works before you use it to market your business.
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