What are QR codes used for

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What are QR codes used for

What are QR codes? This is a very simple question, but can be hard for someone who has absolutely no clue what QR codes are. QR codes are simply two dimensional bar codes. They appear to be black and white square boxes that are placed on a white background. QR codes can be used for anything traditional bar codes are used for. This means that QR codes have many functions. However, the difference between traditional bar codes and QR codes is that there are a lot of things that QR codes can do but bar codes can not due to their limitations.

Since the invention of QR codes in the 90s, it is evident that QR codes have come a long way. Back then, QR codes were being used only to track cars. Today, QR codes are being used in more than one way. They are not only being used in Japan like the case back then when they were invented, they are also being used in many other countries around the world.

What are QR codes used for – How to create a QR code

There are QR code generators that are available for download on the internet. The QR code generator that you select should be compatible with your operating system. On selecting the QR code generator, enter the data that you want to be contained in the QR code. Press the generate QR code button. A preview of the QR code that you have created will be displayed on your screen. You can now download and print the QR code. However, it is advised that before you download and print the QR code, you test whether the QR code that you have created is working. You can do this by scanning the QR code using your smartphone, when a preview of the QR code is displayed.

What are QR codes used for – Use of QR codes

There are very many ways that one can use QR codes. One can use QR codes on business cards, on product packaging or on t-shirts. QR codes can also be used on real estate, to provide more information on the property. The information can include the price the property is worth, the number of rooms and other details that are of importance to a buyer.

QR codes are also used on billboards, on luggage tags and on menus. QR codes can also be used on newspaper ads and on magazines.

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