What Are QR Codes? Learn About QR Codes

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What are QR Codes

Everyone who has come across QR codes seems intrigued by their workings. So, what exactly are QR Codes and why are people so intrigued by them?

Also called quick response codes, QR codes are 2-dimensional bar codes that are readable by smartphones and code readers. When these codes are scanned, they immediately redirect your search to a web page chosen by the QR code creator. QR codes make it possible for you to have direct access to the product manufacturer’s site.

How mobilephones can scan the codes and how to generate them

In order for you to be able to read a QR code, it will have to be a smartphone. There are many QR code generators for example, the one from Kaywa. It literally takes you about a minute to install a reader if you have an Android or iPhone. All you do is scan the code using your phone’s camera after installing the code.

Generating your QR code is easy when you use Kaywa.com. Google also has a QR code generating tool that will help you to easily create your own QR Code. Even though not many people know how to use QR code scanners to get the information they need, it is always worth a try because, if you look at the rate in which the use of QR codes is growing, you are bound to get some customers out of it.

Some of the ways you could use QR codes

All businesses, big and small, could benefit from QR codes in various ways. You can make it that all the products in your websites have their own unique QR Codes, so that a person could get all the information on that product.

You can also add QR codes to flyers, invites, posters, TV ads, print advertising and so on containing:

  • Offer details
  • Event details
  • Product details
  • Contact details
  • Competition details
  • MySpace, Facebook, Twitter IDs
  • YouTube video links
  • A coupon

With that information, you no longer have to ask what are QR codes? You now know exactly what they are.

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