Wedding QR Codes – a budgeting bliss

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Spring’s in the air and it seems as if a new fever is going around (besides the flu) – wedding fever! Nothing seems to be able to get your spirits quite so much up and then down like the exciting and harrying business of trying to organize a wedding while walking the tight rope between your fairy dust dream wedding and your hard-earned cash deficit.

Once the giddiness of getting engaged has begun to pass, you’ll begin to be besieged by questions that you never really considered before – Will blue and yellow napkins clash with each other or will they show you off as charmingly daring? What would capture your romantic moments best – a floating video camera or an old-fashioned photo album? Are you an (a) Romantic bride (b) Rocker bride (c) Hipster bride or (d) Classic bride – and what the %@&$ is the difference between them? And all these questions are small dice when it comes to the actual hassle – trying to organize a successful and enjoyable event for 200+ people who happen to be your family and friends – something akin to herding cats sans catnip.

Make organizing easy with Wedding QR Codes

From the Herculean effort of trying to compress comprehensive driving directions within two lines on your lovely engraved invitations to the downright impossible attempt to sort through all the blurry iPhone pictures that your drunken overemotional loved ones sent you the day after, getting married is a lot more work than it appears to be in your happily-ever-after fantasy. But thankfully today there are some helpful ways to get a handle on your wedding bliss! Ranking on top:

  • Wedding websites – a website you can set up in a few short clicks which will allow you to update all your invitees simultaneously, easily accessed by a Wedding QR Code on your invitation.
  • Waze QR Codes – forget lengthy directions to your hidden glen wedding – have them scan the QR Code and Waze will get them there.
  • Instagram account – offer your guests a Wedding QR Code to scan so that they can automatically upload every bleary testimony to your joyous moments right then and there.

So maybe it isn’t all lavender scented clouds of cotton candy but getting married can be fun after all, especially if you have a wedding planner 😉 Congratulations all and if you like it – Pin it!

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