We Know What The iphone5 Has But Did You Realize What It Doesn’t?

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By: Ari Fuld (@arifuld)

Community and content manager at Visualead

Let me start by clarifying, I used to love Apple and am currently using an iPhone4 (with no S).                         When I switched from Blackberry (RIP?) to Apple iOS, I was extremely satisfied with the mobile experience the new revolutionary iPhone gave  me.

On Tuesday, January 9th, 2007, Steve Jobs (RIP) introduced the iPhone and stated that Apple has reinvented  the phone. After years of trying to fit my fingers into the QWERTY blackberry keyboard and horrible web experience, I would agree that Apple reinvented and revolutionized the mobile phone.

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I used 4 generations of iPhones and have generally had a good experience.





So why has my love for Apple become so dull? When Did Apple lose me?  I think it was when they put an S on a 4 and called it a new phone. I am still using the 4 and I am pretty sure I will not be upgrading to the new iPhone5.

Unless I was hanging out on Google+ I have been laughed at and snorted at for not getting all excited over the release of the iPhone5. Is it just me or were the blogs actually writing posts pre launch on whether the new Apple phone would be called iPhone5 or just “The New Phone”?

Ok, enough iPhone bashing, I sound like a bad Samsung commercial.  If you want to know what I think about this new phone you can read it here

So the new iPhone came out as did the excitement and the mad rush to pre order one of the two million devices sold on the first day. While blogs were bragging about the new LTE as well as the longer screen and the new connector cable,  I was more interested in hearing about what Apple did not include in the new iPhone.

Even as someone who believes QR Code technology is here to stay, I was shocked to see that Apple did not include NFC capabilities in the iPhone5.

Both Samsung as well as the new HTC phones have built in NFC capabilities, why would Apple leave it out?

The truth of the matter is, I am more surprised by the fact that any of the mobile companies were including NFC capabilities. NFC is a technology that is not being used by the public and most people do know what it is.

It is the first time I have seen hardware predate the development of software. Is there a demand for NFC? Are the Android devices that have NFC making enough buzz for Apple to get on board? I guess not.

While everyone is screaming that NFC will kill the QR Code, QR Code usage is increasing and well, seems like Apple does not think NFC is taken off too quickly.

So why didn’t Apple make a QR Scanner?

Simply because there’s no need to.

Unlike AR or NFC where a user must download a specific App for each company the QR Code works on one scanner platform that can be downloaded for free from the AppStore. 

So until the next iPhone comes out, let’s lay this argument to rest.

Couldn’t Help Myself

As of today the QR Codes are the fastest and easiest way to engage users and customers anywhere, anytime.

Apple, here is our complimentary QR Code

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