Visualead’s Monday Morning Mayhem: What Was The ROI of Felix’s Jump?

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By: Ari Fuld  (@arifuld)

It’s Monday morning and the beginning of a new week and a man has just broken the sound barrier by free falling at a speed of 373 meters per second, 833.9 miles per hour.

According to RedBull’s YouTube channel, over 365,000,000 people have viewed the amazing free fall from the boundaries of space.

So here is the question, if you were given the opportunity to advertise your company and expose your business to all three hundred sixty five million viewers would you hesitate?
What if you were given the opportunity to actually interact and engage with billions of potential users or customers?

If you are thinking I am talking about a TV commercial, think again!

As @mikeeisenberg so eloquently put it: “TV died yesterday as zillions of people watched Felix Baumgartner jump on YouTube & I watched Yankees on”

Unlike the unlucky souls who weren’t sitting in front of a TV in 1969 as Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, Felix’s space jump was viewed from anywhere using mobile phones. Whether on the train or bus or in the airport or even in the middle of a romantic dinner people had access to this amazing record breaking jump from the palm of their hand.

Technology has the vast majority of the world’s population doing just about everything and anything using their mobile devices. Times have changed as has the way people interact and even how they choose to watch a “Space Jump”

What Does That Mean For Your Business?

There’s good news and bad news.

The bad news is you are going to have to adapt to the new age of Mobile. The good news is your potential customer base just skyrocketed. No longer are you limited by geographical boundaries and your exposure is no longer limited by prime time anything.
The question and the challenge used to be “Where are your potential customers?” With mobile technology the answer is; everywhere!

If yesterdays “Space jump” proved anything besides the laws of gravity, it proved the power of online and mobile influence.

Of course mobile technology can sometimes be just as dangerous as jumping from the edge of space.

[youtube id=”a_qnEKXGl9M” width=”600″ height=”350″]


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