Visualead free QR code

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Visualead free QR code

If you are among the group of people who are wondering what QR codes are, then you are about to find out. QR codes are two dimensional bar code matrixes. These two dimensional type of bar codes work in the same way that bar codes do, but are very different.  QR codes can store more data than traditional bar codes. For this simple reason, people have found many ways that they can utilize the use of QR codes.

QR codes were invented in japan in the 90s. During this time when they were invented, QR codes were only being used to track car parts. Quick response codes, also known as QR codes were being scanned using large bar code scanners that were being used to decode the information that is contained in QR codes as well as bar codes. Today, all this has changed. QR codes are being used for advertisement and marketing.

Visualead free QR code – The wide use of smartphones

Almost half of the world’s population is using smartphones. This means that most people are using their smartphones to run their lives. For this reason, there are QR code scanning applications that have been invented and can be downloaded and installed in smartphones. This allows QR code users to scan QR codes more conveniently.

Many people use QR codes for different reasons. The group of people using QR codes is mostly business owners. They save data that they deem relevant and of great importance to their customers in QR codes. Good examples of the type of information that business people save in QR codes is email address, phone numbers, business website links and text messages, among other type of information that can be saved in QR codes.

Visualead free QR code – More about QR codes

As QR codes are being used in different fields, such as education and business among others, more people are interested in creating their own QR codes. This is where tools such as Visualead come in handy.

Creating a QR code is very easy. You only need to identify an ideal QR code generator. The QR code generator should be easy to use and flexible. A good example is Visualead. Flexibility refers to the ability of the QR code generator to create different QR code types. On finding a QR code generator, simply enter the data that you want in the QR code and press the “create QR code” button.

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