Visualead Barcodes

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Visualead Barcodes

Quick Response Codes make it easy for your business to take advantage of the many different capabilities that a smartphone comes; with one of them being the ability to scan QR Codes. Visualead takes advantage of this fact and helps you make your QR codes more visible and catchy to the eye. Visualead helps to create data-embedded QR code designs that can be placed on different consumer products.The code itself has been created to fit in harmoniously with whatever image is being used.

Thanks to QR codes, the connection between print and mobile easily produces a connection among consumers. The visualead barcodes generator simply makes these scanable digital files less intrusive and more transparent.

By making it possible for images to be seen through a QR Code, the design of the QR Code is no longer an eyesore but an inviting design. The design is made of black and light grey areas which don’t harshly react with the overall advertisement theme.

Visualead barcodes – The evolution of QR Codes

Originally created to be used in the Japanese automotive industry, the integration of QR codes in designs and products is now widespread than before. Different industries are now using this technology and they range from architecture to agriculture to even fashion.

QR Code is an abbreviation of Quick Response Code. It is a type of barcode that can be decoded by a smartphone. Following the big smartphone boom, Marketers, artists and designers are now in a much better position to integrate gadget-dependent designs into their work. This in turn makes their products and services to be of a more interactive nature.

2D QR codes are intriguing in that, the information stored inside is hidden to the public but at the same time, open to the same public. However, it can only be accessible to the public if they scan the code. Quick Response codes are a fun and mystic novelty.

Generating visualead barcodes

  1. Go to to commence
  2. Click on the “Create Yours” option in bold.
  3. Select the type of QR Code you want to create from the options provided.
  4. Give the information you want to start the QR code then click on “Next”
  5. Choose the image you want or upload it from your computer.
  6. Crop the generated QR code image and click on next
  7. Sign in to visualead and voila! You’ll have a QR code.

Get to learn more about creating visualead barcodes.

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