Visual QR Code Generator – Learn About Visual QR Codes

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Visual QR code generator

If you are wondering what QR codes are, these are simply 2D matrixes that work in the same way as barcodes. These QR codes can be scanned using QR readers to reveal the information embedded in them.

As technology advancements get better, more people are making use of Smartphone’s and smart devices. For this reason, more businesses have adopted the use of QR codes as a marketing strategy. This is mainly because QR codes can easily be scanned using smart devices to reveal the embedded info. In order to create ideal QR codes for any business, the use of a QR code generator is required. Business owners can easily come across QR generators online. A QR code generator is simply an online apps or software that allows businesses to create their own QR codes.

Visualead QR code – More on QR codes

These codes are used by individuals and business owners in different areas like marketing campaigns, education to mention a few. With the popularity being gained by QR codes, there are numerous online resources offering QR code generators for free. With free services, most people settle for the first generator they come across. This can lead to creation of poor QR codes that give your audience a poor experience.

So, how do you ensure you only use the best QR code generator?

How to find the best QR code generator

Easy to use interface

A good generator should have an easy to use interface. Most generators are able to handle a lot of information, but have a complicated interface.


The best QR code generator should have the capacity to handle different info that can be used in a QR code and should remain easy to use.

Able to download QR codes in different formats 

A good code generator should allow you to download your codes in different formats depending to your device.

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