Vector qr codes

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vector qr codes

If you have been keen on the use of qr codes, you have probably noticed that these is a gap in the use of vectorized qr codes. This is probably understandable since most qr codes are made for use on business cards, fliers, price tags, menus and on the internet. However, the market is slowly moving towards using t-shirts and clothes for qr code marketing. This is mainly through printing qr codes on these platforms. In order for this kind of marketing to work, the qr codes must be larger than the normal size. Increasing the size of a normal qr code can damage how it looks and its readability.  This is where vector qr codes come into play. These types of qr codes can be used on clothes and t-shirts without damaging the readability of the qr code and its appearance.

Vector qr codes – how to vectorize your qr codes

If you had already created your qr code, you do not have to throw it out simply because you want to use vector qr codes. You can follow these simple steps to vectorize your qr codes.

To vectorize your qr codes:

  • Take your qr code file and open an illustrator version.
  • Place your qr code file and scale it to 20×20 inches.
  • Live trace your qr code.
  • Expand and save your qr code.

This will create a vectorized qr code that can be used on any marketing platform.

An alternative way of creation vector qr codes

You can use a vector qr code generator. This qr code generator will ensure you create create vectorized qr codes automatically.There are numerous vector qr codes generators available today, all you have to do is search the internet for one. What’s more, they are quite easy to use too.

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