vCard QR Codes – Revolutionizing your Business Card

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Visual QR Code

A vCard is an electronic business card. vCards are a fast and easy way to transfer your contact details to another person, by using a standardized format that is recognized by all relevant medias today: computers, smartphones and tablets. Your vCard will contain all the information that you consider vital such as your name, address, numbers, and URLS. Many vCards also offer an extensive array of graphics, photos and logos that you can use to personalize your data. So what do vCards have to do with QR Codes? Seems like everything! Lately, vCard QR Codes have been the number one most popular way to spice up your business card.

vCard QR Codes are a welcome addition to your business card

Today, all you have to do in order to transfer your contact information to another person is simply send him your vCard and the simplest way to do that is through a QR Code. The second the other person scans your QR Code, your vCard will automatically be saved in their phone, creating a contact in their address book that contains all your details. Crazy simple, right?

It’s important to understand that a vCard QR Code isn’t designed to replace a business card but to enhance its usability. Using a vCard QR Code on your business card immediately upgrades your business card to another level. It signifies your recognition with innovative technology as QR Codes are perceived to be an up-to-date, original way to transfer all kinds of information.

Obviously, design is an issue that often comes up when you’re talking about your business card and QR Codes can really get in the way of a sleek, memorable layout. That’s why Visualead offers vCard QR Codes as Visual QR Codes – so you can merge the code with your logo or even your picture with extremely pleasing results! If you don’t believe us, you’re welcome to upload a picture of yourself and enjoy playing around with our face-recognition technology.

So don’t skimp on your business card and make sure to give it that extra oomph that it needs to stand out from the crowd! And if you ever wonder how going Visual helped you out – you can always keep track of the scans your vCard QR Code received by checking your scan count in your dashboard.


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