Using QR Codes in Exhibitions

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Trade shows have not been exempt from the explosion of QR codes, and for good reason. After all, exhibitions have proven to be a great venue to integrate QR codes into an effective marketing strategy. Below is a list of five valuable tips to help you introduce QR codes into your next trade show and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

  1. Don’t assume that all of your visitors are familiar with QR codes!
    Yes, while it’s true that most booths at trade shows these days have QR codes displayed in conspicuous places, not everyone is familiar with how to use them. Take the time to ensure that there is a brief step-by-step guide in your booth which succinctly explains to inexperienced users how to scan your QR code with their smartphones. It’s a step that’s easy to overlook, but it’s crucial if you want to needlessly avoid losing a portion of your audience.

  2. Provide your visitors with reasons to scan your QR code in the first place
    If your visitors are uninterested in scanning your code, then nothing else matters and your marketing strategy will have failed. Provide clear benefits to scanning your QR code, whether it’s access to further information, entry into an exclusive promotion, or simply to sign up for further communication.

  3. Don’t let the QR code do the magic by itself
    While QR codes may be an effective way of broadening your marketing strategy, nothing works better at a trade show than face-to-face contact. If you see a visitor scanning your QR code, take the opportunity to capitalize on their interest by engaging them in a real-time conversation. QR codes are strong marketing tools, but it’s important to keep in mind that they are meant to be employed alongside a broader strategy.

  4. Track all of the data meticulously, so you can clearly gauge if your QR campaigns have been successful
    One of the great aspects about marketing with QR codes is that they can easily be tweaked, and you should be conscious of this while the trade show is unfolding. Some find that the best route is to spend the first day of the trade show experimenting with different strategies, and during the remainder of the trade show sticking to whichever approach was found to be most successful. In order to try this yourself, keeping close track of all of your data will be necessary.

  5. Be sure to follow-up with all of your visitors:
    Trade shows are only as important as the relationships they create, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s over once the trade show ends. Instead, utilize QR codes during (and after) the trade show to keep in touch with the greatest number of visitors as possible. In order to facilitate these relationships, includes QR codes on all of your promotional materials in your booth, as well as in any further content that’s sent to the homes of your visitors.
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