Using your Dashboard to Manage your QR Codes

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Visual QR Code

Creating a Visual QR Code is fun and exciting but a serious, big-time QR Code campaign usually requires a lot of planning ahead and the creation of more than one Visual QR Code. You can create several different codes for setting up in different locations or create several codes that all lead to different destinations. You’ll want to make sure that your codes are designed properly, that they are generating the right amount of interest and every once in a while, you’ll want to change their destination just to keep things hot. Visualead understands just how important these actions are and that’s why we’ve made sure to provide our customers with a dashboard form which they can manage and track their Visual QR Codes.

How to use your Dashboard | Visualead

So now that you’re aware that you have a dashboard in which your Visual QR Codes are stored, it’s important to make sure that you know how to use it and to take advantage of all of the features that you’re entitled to according to your subscription. You can choose to name your Visual QR Codes which is especially recommended for accounts which contain more than one identical Visual QR Code. If you have a free or Basic account, you can check out the scan count of your code to keep track of how successful it is. If it’s not generating enough scans, you might want to consider moving its location or changing the design to something that might appeal more to your customers. If you have an Advanced or Premium subscription, you can use the more advanced analytics to get a better feel of the clientele who are scanning your Visual QR Codes. You can also use your dashboard for purchasing Direct Download Credits and for deleting Visual QR Codes, thus freeing up your QR Code limitation.

Long story short, we recommend that all of our customers check out our video to make sure that you’re not missing out on a feature which can help you out! Like our tutorial videos? Let us know!

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