URL to QR code


URL to QR code

Having a QR code link to a URL is one of the best ways you could use to market a product or service. Even so, in order for the scanning experience to be worthwhile for your clients, you must ensure your content is worth looking at. This means that you have to look for useful and relevant information to place on your web page. You don’t want your clients to feel they wasted their time scanning your QR codes.

When linking people to your website through QR codes you should think of its user friendliness. Ensure you make the website easy to navigate.

URL to QR code- reason for having quality content

As mentioned earlier, if you have bad content on your website, you will be doing your business an injustice. This is because clients will be scanning your codes and leaving seconds after visiting your website because of a bad user experience. You should, therefore, put due consideration to getting the right content.

Generally, people have very little time for poorly constructed websites. Make the design as appealing as possible and leave out any clutter or unnecessary features. Make sure the web page is accessible via mobile as most people will be using their mobile phones.

URL to QR code – why link URL through QR codes

The best part about linking users to websites through QR codes is that they do not have to retype an address again. This also comes with other benefits that include the following:

  • You get to drive users to special offers that are only redeemable after scanning a QR code. This means that you can direct users to receive offers without having to put it out in public. This gives it an air of exclusivity and it also encourages people to scan subsequent QR codes that you put out.
  • This is also essential especially if you want to transfer contact information. For instance, if you want to share more information about your business, you could easily do so by incorporating a QR code in a business card. This way, you will have the opportunity to share as much information as possible that would have otherwise not fitted on your business card.
  • QR codes can be used as a link between offline and online advertising. You could put up a billboard with a QR code that redirects people to your online business.

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