Types of QR codes

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Types of QR codes

Unlike in the olden days when there was only one type of barcode, today there are plenty of QR codes. Better yet, is that these codes can be seen on almost everything and everywhere. This means you can easily spot a QR code as you walk down the street. Well, if you do not know what the hype surrounding QR codes is all about, it is important that you do. QR codes are two dimensional barcodes that come with features enabling them to store a lot of information as compared to what a normal barcode can store. These codes were first heard of more than two decades ago. However, it is not until recently that they started being used in business marketing. Before they became a global marketing phenomenon, these codes were used in Japanese car manufacturing companies to track inventory. The reason they were not used as much back then was because of the cost of creating and using them. However, advancements in technology have made the making and using of QR codes easy and affordable. Today, there are online QR code generators that help in creating quick response codes. A good example is Visualead. You can use smartphones to scan these codes.

If you are running a business online then you need to think about using QR codes to market it. It is a technology that has proven to speed up the use of mobile device marketing. It is the link between offline and online marketing as you can put up a billboard with a QR code that redirects people to your website.

Types of QR codes- Different places where you can use QR codes

There are different types of codes and trigger different actions in your mobile device. With a reliable code generator, you can create the following QR codes:

Business card

These are the type of codes used in business cards. The good thin about using this type of QR code is that you can store almost all your contact information if not all.


This is the most common type of QR code used. By scanning such type of a code, you will be linked directly to a webpage without having to type in the address. This way, you will be able to see all the content in that webpage.

Sending an email

This is yet another interesting way you could make use of a QR Code. When using this type of QR code it is important to note that it has a unique format that lets you as the user write an email with a QR code.

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