Two Ways QR Codes Can Crown Target As The Shopping King

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The news spread like wildfire throughout the tech world and even those who have prophesied the death of QR Code were forced to report Target’s decision to implement QR Code technology into holiday shopping. For those of you who have been away or hibernating for the past 48 hours, the shopping giant, Target, will be plastering their stores with QR Codes to help shoppers ease the stress of holiday shopping mayhem.

Over the past several years we have witnessed some outright moronic uses for QR Codes that have ruined the concept of leading users and consumers from offline to online and from print to mobile. QR Codes have been used and abused by companies to the point where they have tainted the use of QR Codes as well as their own corporate reputations. QR Codes were found on highway billboards, moving trains and other locations which would have led to certain death if users decided to stop to scan the code.

Follow you? Are you kidding!

Companies are leading people to sites with no value and in worse cases to websites that are not mobile enabled. The misuse of QR Codes has caused a tremendous amount of frustration and anger. QR Code misuse has gotten so bad that a blog was created dedicated completely to the ridiculous use of QR Codes. Every company should visit WTF QR Codes to see just what NOT to do with QR Codes or just to get a good laugh.

Seems like Target is leading the pack in the West and has figured out what Korea, Japan and China have figured out years ago when it comes to effective QR Code mobile shopping.


[youtube id=”cYDQnr3FZbc” width=”600″ height=”350″]

1. Shop Anywhere, Anytime.

Holiday shopping can drive a person up the wall. The mad rush for discounts put together with the fear of “I hope they like what I bought” can drive a person crazy!

There aren’t enough hours in a day for people to get their shopping done, send holiday cards and prepare the turkey for Thanksgiving without being trampled on Black Friday. The holiday season would be much calmer without the shopping pandemonium.


[youtube id=”2zBWjlkKDpA” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Target, Go Virtual!

Target can use QR Code technology and open an infinite number of virtual Target stores without spending a dime.

Empower the millions of mobile phone users to shop wherever and whenever they want.
Have a Subway sale and allow customers to shop while they ride the train.
Open an airport QR store and let people holiday shop while waiting for their flights.

No need to face the shopping mobs or the long lines. Easy, comfortable shopping anywhere anytime. With the money saved by virtual stores, Target can offer ‘Code Red’ QR Code discounts that would make Black Friday prices look like a joke.

2. Brand The code

By using the QR Code Target is offering an easier way for their customers to get their shopping done without the hassle. While the QR Code is a great tool to engage customers there is no reason Target shouldn’t brand their own logo and design as the trigger for interaction. Target should personalize the QR Code so that instead of scanning the code customers are interacting with the Target!

Created by Visualead Visual QR Code Generator

Just in case you suspected us at Visualead of favoring Target here are some more designs for the competition:


Here’s what might happen in Target if they start allowing customers to shop from their mobile phones.


[youtube id=”gS1_ahbSixA” width=”600″ height=”350″]



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