Turning All Regular QR Codes Into Visual QR Codes


Why have an ugly QR Code when you can have a Visual QR Code?

Ugly QR CodeThere are not many people who hear those words or see that shape who say “I LOVE QR CODES”. On the contrary, they often react as if they just ate a lemon. The reason for this is that QR Codes are unappealing, meaningless to most people, difficult to relate to, clutter up pictures and often mar their overall attractiveness..

All this being said, it is obvious that somebody did something right when it comes to QR Codes. The fact that most people understand how to use them is a great marketing success, as well as the fact that almost everyone who owns a Smartphone also has a QR Code scanner. QR Codes are everywhere and on everything, and all around us people are constantly interacting with them and scanning them. In fact QR Code usage among European smartphone owners doubled over the past year!

Despite this, people still don’t like them.

How do you know to scan the poster and with what?In an effort to tackle this obstacle, some companies have tried to solve the problem by saying “well, let’s make it look pretty”, and they have developed actual pictures that you can scan.

The problem is, how do you tell somebody that a picture can be scanned? When people see a QR Code, they know it can be scanned but applying the same logic to a plain picture is a difficult step to make. In order to do so, you need to add instructions, such as: “this picture can be scanned”, or “download this app and do it…”, and by the time you do that, you have already lost the moment to some extent, as people don’t have patience for anything complicated. Other solutions that have been suggested have focused on making QR Codes more colorful or contain small images, yet they are not still getting through to people.

People are visual. People are attracted to a picture that looks nice, that they can identify with. People need to relate to an image that they can understand. QR Codes, as unappealing clusters of dots, just don’t cut it.

Visualead adds QR Code pictures
So why not make it simple? Combine the visual images that people LOVE with QR Codes that have become familiar to them and are what people KNOW.

Why not take the best of both worlds and just make a QR Code that fits into any design, image or logo, in a simple user-friendly way that doesn’t require any graphic or development skills.

Visualead Custom QR Code


That is the Visual QR Code.

Visual QR Codes are attractive and interactive QR Codes that are made instantly by merging a QR Code into any part of an image.



Here’s a short video that shows how it works:

[youtube id=”N2YEXGqhGRM” width=”600″ height=”350″]


QR Codes are about creating interaction, about showing people how to advance from print to mobile experiences.

Create your Visualead QR Code


When a QR Code is coupled with an image which people recognize and identify with, than its appeal is greatly increased, as is their desire to interact with it and communicate through it.

Pilot trials that have been done have shown a significant increase in people’s scanning of QR Codes as a result of their being merged within an image – the Visual.


Visualead PayPal QR CodeBusinesses can also use Visual QR Codes as part of their services. Visual QR Code APIs enable businesses to generate Visual QR Codes in masses and make their points of contact with their end-users attractive and intuitive.

QR Codes are here to stay and Visual QR Codes are simply the next logical step, in the same manner that color TVs quickly replaced black and white TVs. Try it yourself! Go to a Visual QR Code Generator at Visualead.com and create a free Visual QR Code, quickly and effortlessly.


By Uriel Peled, co-founder & CMO at Visualead, @UrielPeled

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