Tracking QR codes

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tracking qr codes

Since QR codes started being used, there has been a lot of development on how they can be used and made. Today, it is possible to use QR codes to track your offline marketing campaign. You can use QR codes to track your marketing campaign in magazines and ads, posters and fliers and even in newspapers.This is made possible with Google analytics. In order to be able to use Google analytics, there are four steps you need to follow. These steps are:

  • Planning your campaign.
  • Using Google campaign builder to build customized urls for your marketing channels.
  • Shortening your urls.
  • Generating your QR codes.

Tracking QR codes using Google analytics – the step by step guide

Planning your campaign

It is always advisable to first create a plan of how you intend to track your QR codes. Think of how far you want to take your tracking. You need to determine what you want your QR code to do for you. You also need to determine how you are going to segment the traffic. Also think of how you will measure the traffic brought by the different marketing tools you are using.

Building your QR codes urls

You need to build urls for each of the segments you plan to use in marketing. You can use the Google URL builder to make the urls you plan to use on your QR codes. Ensure you create links to every one of the resources you want to link to.

Shortening the links 

The reason you should shorten your urls links is mainly because of the size of the QR codes. The less the information in the code, the larger the code is. Big QR codes are more visible and are easier to scan.

Create your QR code

Once you have your links ready, creating the QR codes is easy. All you have to do is find a reliable QR code generator. There are several available online. Next, click on the URL tab to create URL link QR codes. Enter the link on the text box provided and click on ‘create QR code’. Your QR code will be created and displayed on the screen ready for use.

Tracking QR codes – A bit on what QR codes are

For those who may be wondering what quick response codes or QR codes are, these are simply 2 dimension codes that are in the form of black and white boxes. QR codes are mostly used to carry information pertaining to a brand of service. This information can be URL links contact details, texts and even special offer deals. Quick response codes are an easy way of doing business marketing on the mobile platform. This is since it is possible to use smartphones to scan these codes.

Follow this link for more information in quick response codes and a tracking QR codes.

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