Top QR code types

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QR code types

You have probably heard about QR codes but have no idea how they are read. Well, a QR code is a readable barcode that has the ability to store a lot of information. The information hidden in a quick response code can be a URL to a landing page, contact information about your business and even text. In order to get hold of this information, one has to use a QR code scanner to read the QR code and decode it.

However, not many know how to retrieve the hidden info from these codes. Nonetheless, reading or scanning a QR codes is quite easy. This is a 3 step process that requires you to have a quick response code reader.  If you have a smartphone, there is high likelihood that it already has a pre- installed scanner or reader. Nevertheless, if it does not, you can download one for free from the internet. Once you open the reader, and point it towards your QR code, it recognizes the code and displays the codes message for you to read.

Now that you have learned how QR codes are read, why not learn about the different types of QR codes available.

QR code types- Dynamic QR code

This is the most commonly used type of QR code. Although it is relatively new in the market, many people tend to rely on it because of its useful features.

These features are:

Editable URL

This is an important feature especially if you are a business person. This is because it allows you as the QR code owner to change your website URL anytime that you wish to. Isn’t this a great marketing tool?

Analytics tracking

This is quite useful if you want to track the performance of your marketing campaign. With this type of QR code, you can get the number of scans done on your code, the smartphones used as well as the time every scan was done. This helps you track the quick response code.

QR code types- what is the lifespan of a QR code

With QR codes, there is so much opportunity that is only limited by your imagination. However, these codes do expire. This means that once your subscription is up, you completely lose control over that code. That means you can not edit, see analytics or even download anything using that particular code. Generally, the QR code becomes dysfunctional. When this happens, you need to create and start using new codes.

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