Sweepstakes QR campaigns – Sweep your customers off their feet!

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Sweepstakes QR campaigns

If there’s something that everybody loves, it’s a good sweepstakes campaign. I remember how exciting it was as a child to scratch those cards in Pizza Hut and hope to be one of the lucky few chosen to receive a year’s worth of pizza (back then, that was probably the best prize I could ever imagine :-)).  There’s something thrilling about throwing in your lot with everybody else and wondering if you’ll hit it big this time. And you know what’s the best thing about sweepstakes campaigns? They’re FREE!

Good campaigns will gain their business a lot of interest, usually with a very small price. The whole idea is to achieve your customer’s complete participation and improve your relationship with them by giving them an enjoyable experience and a fond memory. Every good sweepstakes campaign must have these three elements:

1) Easy access – Make it easy and enjoyable for your customers to participate in the campaign.

2) Reap the potential – Whether it’s Likes on Facebook, followers on Twitter or pins on Pinterest, make sure that you’re expanding the coverage that your business gets via the various social media platforms. Be certain to use something that is effortless for your customers but will mean a lot for your company.

3) Offer a good prize – If you were a customer, what would you like to win from your company? Got an idea? Double it.

Why use QR Codes?

So where do QR Codes come in? QR Codes are the most popular offline-to-online solution available on the market today. QR Codes are incredibly easy to use – all your customers have to do is whip out their phones and take a quick scan of your QR Code in order to participate in your campaign – so that takes care of A.

In addition, most generators offer various social media destination options so that the access to your media platform will be smooth and easily tracked. Visualead, for instance, offers its Premium users Social Media analytics which track the amount of visits to the social media platforms that were accessed via the Visual QR Code. So QR Codes will easily help you direct your customers to whichever platform you’ve chosen to use for your campaign – and that takes care of B.

So what about C?

C, my friend, is completely up to you 🙂


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