Surprise your Valentine with a romantic Visual QR Code!

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There’s nothing like Valentine’s Day to brighten up your winter days with the glow of romance. Wondering how to pull off a perfect Valentine’s Day? Here’s a collection of ideas, together with some beautiful designs, for using Visual QR Codes to create a day that’s as stunning, unforgettable and romantic as possible.

Show your LOVE on Valentine's Day with a romantic QR Code

1. Make it your own magical moment

Do you have pet nicknames for each other? A favorite song? Special memories recorded on camera? Every relationship is unique in its own way, so make sure to celebrate what makes your love so special. Send your sweetheart a personalized Valentine QR Code leading to a private love letter, online photo album or your favorite song. They’ll adore your romantic gesture.

2. Be original.

There’s a very special element of mystery and surprise on Valentine’s Day that’s intoxicating all on its own, so don’t hesitate to take the opportunity to spice up your love life! Satisfy your partner’s love of the chase by creating a romantic treasure hunt with Visual QR Code clues. Thrill your partner with a mysterious Visual QR Code invite that will direct them to a location where you’ll be waiting to surprise them.

3. Popping the question?

There’s no day like Valentine’s for commemorating one of the most exciting and precious moments in your life. Looking for something that’s playful and romantic? Visual QR Codes were the perfect answer for our customer, Héctor Neira, who surprised his girl by proposing through a series of Visual QR Code that played romantic videos of them both when scanned. It’s not hard to guess what she said, is it?

Valentine’s is the day for sharing, for speaking out, for simple romantic gestures and unforgettable demonstrations. Visualead is happy to be a part of your joyful day and to get your message across in the most creative and effective way.


Create your romantic Visual QR Code by clicking here.

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