Some Of The Best Android QR Code Readers

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Android QR Code Reader

The Android OS holds a 40% share in the Smartphone market. This is one of the many reasons why many popular phone designers like Samsung, Motorola and HTC come with an Android OS. Some of the devices that have an Android OS have a barcode or QR code scanner.

QR code scanners/readers are used to decode the squares found in any QR code. Once the phone is done with decoding, you will be redirected to the website of that code creator. Barcode scanners have made life even easier since all a person has to do is scan the barcode on a product to get to the manufacturers website instead of browsing the internet until you find the correct site. Actually, barcodes have lessened the chances of your customers getting malicious software on their phone since their scans are directed to the legit site.

How to download an Android QR code reader

  1. Locate Google play store and open it from your mobile device.
  2. Type the word QR Code reader into that search bar: you will get a list of different QR codes to pick from. The top 3 QR code readers are: QR Droid, QuickMark Barcode Scanner and QR Barcode Scanner. You can alternatively search for these Barcode readers by name.
  3. Select the reader you want by clicking on it.
  4. Download it to be installed.

Some QR code scanners to consider

  • Scanlife: This is amongst the earliest scanning apps and it makes it possible for you to scan proprietary scanlife codes.
  • Barcode scanner: This is an awesome Android QR code reader. It is fast, lightweight, has an integration record that is perfect and an outstanding interface.
  • QR Droid: This is also a good QR code scanner. Just like barcode scanner, QR droid give you many options.
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