Shop Tips: Use a QR Code on your Store Window

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It seems that everyone is making use of QR codes these days, and this certainly includes those trying to enhance their storefront. Business owners in all type of niches have found value in displaying QR codes in their stores, and the trend is sure to increase in the coming months and years. When used correctly, an aptly placed QR code can be beneficial to both yourself and your customers, leading to higher customer satisfaction and soaring profits.

Look for Maximum Impact

However, QR codes in storefronts need to be implemented strategically, and a haphazard approach can have counterproductive consequences. The first thing for a storeowner to consider is where to place the QR codes so that they will have maximum impact. The most common location of QR codes in stores is either right in the entrance or in the store window.

The idea is to engage potential customers to the greatest extent possible. Just like in other forms of direct sales, it is imperative that a call-to-action be included alongside the QR code. This ensures that your customers know exactly what to expect after their QR reader scans your code. The clearer your message, the more effective it will be.

Keep in mind that many customers may be unfamiliar with QR codes. Provide them with clear, step by step information on what they are supposed to do. Even include basic information about where to download QR reading apps for their smartphones—after all, there is no reason to assume that all of your customers are experienced QR users.

Offer Valuable Content

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that QR codes are important not just for the present purchases that a customer is making, but also significant in establishing a long-term connection with your store. This can be achieved by providing content to your customers that can be accessed remotely at anytime.

Your QR codes should offer valuable content to your customers so that they are more likely to make purchases from your store. In other words, do more than simply link the QR code to your store’s website. This is nothing more than pure laziness, and it is unlikely to have a significant effect on sales or in building relationships with your customers. Instead, take the time to provide valuable content to your customers, and your efforts will undoubtedly pay off!

One way to do this is by integrating your QR codes into your social media campaigns, such as your store’s Facebook page or Twitter account. Your customers are already familiar with social media, and such a strategy will ensure that you have a targeted audience browsing your brand’s social media presence. Still, it is best to include content that is available exclusively via your QR campaign.

Monitor Your Performance – and Improve!

Once your QR campaigns are up and running, be sure to keep a constant eye on them and track their results. There are many free apps which will allow you to monitor all of the relevant data relating to your QR campaigns, and you should make use of them. If a campaign isn’t working, mix it up by changing the physical location of your QR codes or any other variable which many increase its effectiveness.

By providing valuable information to customers in an attractive display, QR codes can be extremely effective in increasing sales in your storefront. Be sure to monitor your campaigns and tweak them whenever necessary—QR codes have too much potential to not take seriously!

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