Scanning QR Code – How To Use QR Codes

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Scanning QR Code

QR code popularity has increased all over the globe. This has enabled artists and promoters to easily provide access to products and services to all people who have devices that can read qr codes like smartphones.

QR codes are 2 dimensional codes that save you the energy of having to type a URL in the address bar. Many people just find it hard. Thanks to qr codes, all you have to do is scan it and then get redirected to the location set by the qr code owner. If you still think that you do not need a qr code for your business, then you are missing out on a marketing scheme that will see you increase your conversion rate.

Uses of qr codes

One of the things that have increased the popularity of qr codes is the realization that a lot of information can be stored in the codes. For instance, you will come across them on packaging of different products being sold on supermarkets and stores.

Since the type of information to share using qr codes is not limited, people now use them for more than just marketing and advertising. There is a conveyor-belt restaurant that sells sushi that has a qr code put on the belt of all plates. The restaurant then set a camera that keeps passing by as it reads the sushi belt code. If the camera starts to detect a sushi plate has been there for a long time, the staff is alerted.

Take t-shirts as other examples. People now print qr codes on t-shirts which, when scanned, redirect the scanner to their profile on social sites. QR codes set up in historic landmarks can also be linked to video tour clips on your phone when scanned.

Scanning qr code

To be able to scan a qr code, you need:

  • A qr scanning app
  • a smartphone
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