Scan This Qr Code – Using QR Codes In Marketing

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Scan this qr code

If you are keen on the developments in the marketing world, you have probably noticed the tremendous increase in the use of quick response codes.  What exactly are qr codes? These are 2 dimension types of barcodes that can be used to store information pertaining to a brand or business. Most people prefer using qr codes to store links that redirect to text, emails, coupon codes, websites and contact details. Smartphones are used to scan to scan these codes. This is made possible through the use of installed qr code scanners into the smartphone. There are other devices specifically created to read qr codes but the use of smartphones is found most convenient. Qr codes were first used in japan and the east but they have grown to become commonplace in the west.

Scan this qr code – why should you use qr codes?

Qr codes are slowly becoming the most used mobile marketing strategies. This is because most people use their smartphones to search for goods and services online. With qr codes, you can ensure that clients connect to your business directly. For this reason, qr codes have an impact on society more so in advertising, marketing and customer service. With qr codes, you can ensure that a wealth of information pertaining to your products and services is just one qr code scan away.

Scan this qr code – the difference between qr codes and other type of barcodes

Qr codes offer from other type of bar codes mainly on the amount of information it is able to store. The data stored in qr codes can be read from 2 directions and still retain the same data. While 1d barcodes store up to only 30 numbers, qr codes can store up to more than 7,000 data entries. This enables it to carry links to social media sites, websites and videos.

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