Scan The Qr Code – Using Quick Response Codes

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Scan the qr code

If you do not know it, quick response codes are 2 dimension codes that have been there for quite some while. They are used in businesses for marketing, advertising and customer relations. These qr codes work in the same way as other barcodes and they can be scanners using qr code readers or smartphones with qr code reading applications. Qr codes originated from japan where they were as tracking systems for cat parts. Qr codes were specially created to allow quick decoding and for their efficiency. Qr codes can be used to store information such as contacts, texts, url addresses ads well as promotional material. If you are a qr code scanner app in your smartphone, you can simply use the camera to scan the qr matrix to reveal the information embedded in the code.

Scan the qr code – how to create your own qr code

Creating a qr code is easy, all one needs is to look for a reliable qr code generator. These are online resources that allows you to create your own qr codes. The most commonly used generators include kaywa and qr-server. Once you have logged into the generator’s website, choose the type of information you want to include in the text and type down the detail in the text box provided. Once you have entered the info in the text box, the generator automatically created the qr code with you info in it. Click on download for the qr code to be saves as a photo on your computer. After downloading the qr code image, you can place it on any media platform to reach out to your clients.

Scan the qr code – how to read a qr code

Just like it is stated above, one needs a qr code reader to be able to read the qr code. Some smartphones come with a preinstalled qr code reader while others don’t, if your phone does not have a qr reader, you can easily download it from the online resource for your phone type.

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