Scan A QR Code – Scanning QR Codes

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Scan a QR Code

Quick response codes, better known as qr codes were first created to locate car parts. Over time, their use has widened and now includes almost everything. In other words, qr codes are now used for many different things depending on the user’s need.

If you own a smartphone and have never scanned a qr code, then know that you are not making the most out of your phone. In-case you did not know it, smartphone snow have the ability to scan qr codes and it will only take you some seconds to get the information in these codes.

If you look around you, you will notice that almost all things now have qr codes. Reason is, marketers have realized the full potential of qr codes and that is why they are using them everywhere from billboards to t-shirts. The possibilities are just endless.

What qr codes do

QR codes allow you to easily gain access to vast information on a business, service or product.  By installing a qr code reader in your smartphone, you will just have to scan the code using your phone’s camera to be able to read the code.

QR codes also reduce the chances of customers getting infected by malicious software because the qr code will redirect the user to a legit site. QR codes make your life easy.

Scanners that will help you scan a qr code

There are many scanners available for your choosing and some of them can be used by different operating systems. Here are some you should consider using:

  • Android: NeoReader, QR Droid, QuickMark QR Code Reader, Barcode Scanner
  • Windows: UpCode Reader, I-Nigma Barcode Scanner, QR Code Reader, QuickMark QR Code Reader.
  • iPhone: Qrafter, QR Scanner, Zapper Scanner, QR Reader for iPhone
  • Blackberry: ScanLife Reader, QR Code Scanner Pro
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