Right Time, Right Place – QR Code Campaigns

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Two of the most important things about life are timing and location. Good things come to you at the right time and the right place. If even one of those two important ingredients are missing – good things can be missed or even ignored. That’s why it’s especially important as a marketer to know how to reach your clients – when they have enough time to be receptive to your message, and at the right place where they will notice your message and be able to respond to it correctly. Managing this connection with your customers in a successful way is essential if you want your QR Code campaign to bear fruit. That’s why I would like to bring to your attention a quirkily successful example of the correct utilization of the time/space QR Code continuum.

Make sure people have enough time to scan your QR Code

Most of the day we’re busy busy busy, unable to lift our heads from our computers or phones and annoyed at the smallest distractions. Only when we’re forced to tear ourselves away from our work for some errand, do we have time to take in our surroundings. One important survey held that around 30% of QR Code scans were taken from magazines – one of the most common ways we ‘burn time’ while we’re in line, on the bus or waiting to get into the dentist’s office. So common sense would say that the best time to catch people’s attention is when they’re similarly occupied and their minds are idle. And one of the more unconventional yet rewarding QR Code campaign is the one that targets one of the places where people spend a lot of relatively idle time – the bathroom.

Visual QR Code

Simple, yet verging on the genius, the bathroom is one of the locations which is regularly graced with peoples’ presence. The timing is perfect as people are often prone to search for something quick to occupy themselves. Time has proven that people are quite willing to scan QR Codes when they’re presented to them in their very own bathroom stall, if only as a way to pass the time.

We’re not urging you to start pasting your flyers in every bathroom in the city but simply want to bring this excellent example of capitalizing on the correct location and timing to your attention. Even if the idea is slightly unorthodox, out-of-the-box solutions can sometimes be exactly what your QR Code campaign needs. So give your campaign a look-over and check – how perfect are your timing and location?

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