Restaurant QR Codes – Eating Out with Style

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Everybody loves to go out and with all the amazing restaurants around, it’s no surprise that some of us spend more time eating out than in! Restaurants are constantly competing with each other to offer their customers the very best and most of us foodies will stop at nothing to check out the newest, hottest eateries on the block. Restaurants today understand that it’s not just about the food and invest a lot of effort in providing a unique atmosphere, memorable service and additional benefits for their customers such as user-friendly online service –websites, Facebook pages and QR Codes.

Visual QR Code

Restaurant QR Codes – Scan to Enjoy

QR Codes are a fun and simple way to give your customers that extra something that they’ll appreciate in terms of customer service. Just like having a good, comfortable, online website, a well-planned QR Code campaign can go a long way for providing an enjoyable and memorable customer experience. Here are a couple of ideas for using QR Codes for your restaurant:

Coupon QR Codes – Restaurants and eateries have used coupons since forever as they are a great way to generate interest and business at a low-cost. Scanning QR Codes is simple and quick and they’ll be an innovative twist to the boring scratch card coupon, in addition to being much simpler to generate and print.

* Order-in QR Codes – Why make your customers wait in line? Offer them lovely Visual QR Codes to scan on the menu so that they can place their orders while waiting for a table or a QR Code that will lead them to your take-away menu if they’re interested in eating in. Your customers will appreciate the quickness with which their orders arrive.

* Review us – Leave Review QR Codes on your tables for your customers to scan so that they can rate their experience as well as leave their details. This way you can collect important information about your clientele as well as receive feedback and comments. Because QR Codes are so easy to scan and fill out online, they are much better than paper forms which have to be filled out by hand and then later entered into the computer.

Don’t hesitate to offer your customers the very best and spice up your service with hip, avant-garde Visual QR Codes! Enjoyed your QR Code experience in a restaurant? Share your experience with us in the comments below!

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