Random QR codes

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random qr codes

For many years now, quick response codes or QR codes have been used in business marketing. This is mainly because of their ability to reach thousands if not millions of individuals easily. QR codes have the ability to store a low of information in a small space. This is because you can use these codes to carry URL details that redirect your clients to your landing page. Also, you can use QR codes to carry texts in coded format. This is translated to readable text when the code is scanned. These codes can be scanned using Smartphones. This is one of the factors that have led to the widespread use of these codes.

Random QR codes – How to create QR codes

When QR codes were first introduced in the market, there were not many options in terms of QR code generators. However, years later, times have really changed. It is now possible to create QR code easily and efficiently. This is all thanks to QR code generators. These are online software programs that can be used to create QR codes. It is advisable that you take your time when choosing between these generators. This is because all of them work differently when it comes to creating QR codes. You need to look for a QR code generator that allows you to create customized QR codes, one that has the ability to create QR codes fast and one that is efficient. It is also ideal to look for a generator that has an easy to use interface. This way, you will not have to hire someone to create the codes for you.

Random QR codes – Types of QR codes

There are a few different types of QR codes available today. You can choose which type of QR code suits your needs depending on the different preferences offered by the different codes.

Basic QR codes   

These are simply the ordinary black and white QR code. All you need to do is create the code and avail it to your audience. These codes can carry web page URLs, contact numbers and even email addresses.

Custom QR codes

These are the type of codes that offer you the opportunity to turn them, into anything you want. You can completely change the appearance of the code to meet your needs and your image. These types of codes are a great way of giving your code an identity and a way of differentiating them from other codes.

Branded QR codes  

These codes are similar to the custom QR codes. The only difference is that branded codes have a logo or image identified with a brand. These types of codes are a good way of branding your QR campaign.


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