Quick QR Code

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Quick QR Code

When you first look at QR codes they may appear as insipid and bland images. In reality, they are quick response codes that are used to transmit all sorts of information. When a user or potential customer scans a QR code containing your contact details, your contact information will automatically load into their phone’s database having all the important fields filled correctly. This is not only a life saver, but also an excellent marketing tool. QR codes can help you drive traffic to your website and at the same time, help increase the conversion rates.

What’s more, they are time and cost saving tools that have effective results when used correctly. Their popularity has also increased and almost surpassed that of barcodes. Here are several reasons that contributed to the increase in popularity for quick response QR codes.

The demand for quick QR code

There was a growth in need for codes that had multi-dimensions. The reason being, one dimensional codes limited the amount of information (digits) that could be embedded in them. They can only store about twenty numerical digits. Having that restricted storage space means that barcodes only have minimal details about a certain product and as such, can only be used to track commodities and products digitally. Even with such a limited functionality, barcodes are still more popular.

Causes of increase in popularity of QR codes

On the other hand, quick QR codes have a predominantly popular storage capacity. However, that is not the only cause of its rise in popularity. Its ease in creation and use have also attributed to its success more so in the world of internet advertising and marketing. Deciphering these codes is also easy.

What’s more, there are many quick QR code generators out there that are free to download and you have the freedom to use them for whatever you want. For example, you can use QR codes to market, promote and advertise your business. You can also create images, video files and printed content and embed them in a QR code with tools such as Visualead.

That’s not all, these 2D codes can also be used in event tickets, airline tickets and user manuals. While creating and using QR codes is easy, they will be of no use to you if the target audience is unable to decipher that code. That is why you need to ensure that your target audience has the correct devices for scanning this code before creating one. In this case smart phones.

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