Qrcodes – How QR Codes Work

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Quick respond codes better referred to as qr codes, are two dimensional codes that resemble barcodes. However, they are different from barcodes in that, they have the ability to store massive amount of data.

QR codes are awesome tools for marketing a business and driving traffic to the business’ website.

How do qr codes operate?

QRCodes store data in 2 directions and can therefore be scanned vertically or horizontally. These 2D codes also come with additional storage. They have the ability to store data that is in text form, hyperlinks, phone numbers, mms/sms messages, contact entries, calendar entries and even emails.

For storage of hyperlinks, any business has the ability to incorporate a hyperlink in the qr code therefore, being able to direct the scanner of the code to the company’s full website instead of just a single page. You can include a hyperlink for a video that gives directions or tutorials to your clients.

QR codes can also have other uses other than advertising and marketing. There are NGOs that have qr codes strategically placed in locations they know their target audience is. Therefore, they know that the message they want to convey will be received. QRCodes can also be printed on t-shirts and they could redirect the scanners to the wearer’s social-media page.

That’s not all; these codes have even been used on tomb-stones. When scanned, they give a history of the diseased and some can even have pictures.

Other uses for qr codes

Did you know that you can also use qrcodes in other ways that could benefit your business and customers? You can:

  • Have a campaign that replaces coupons. That way, your clients will not be forced to print-out coupons to be able to use them. They just decode the code and they can use it.
  •  You can also browse a site using a qr code and be able to shop online.
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