QR scanners android

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QR scanners android

Do you know what a QR code scanner is? This is an electronic reader that is used to read printed texts, scan images, pictures and other objects. After scanning a QR code you’re usually redirected to a destination that was intended by the creator. Alternatively, you can access any text or contact details therein.

The best part about using scanners is that they can be downloaded in an android device. This means if you have an android mobile device, you can install one and use it to scan any type of QR code. This is because most android scanners are freely available over the internet.

QR scanners android – examples of android scanners to choose from

 QR droid

This is the most commonly used scanner app for android devices. The scanner is great with visual codes.  The best part about this scanner is that it has the ability to store your history. That is not all, this scanner is also downloadable on all android phones.


This is yet another easy to use type of scanner. It is not only user friendly, but also very fast and efficient. It only takes seconds to scan a code with this type of scanner. This is because it automatically displays the QR code’s content the moment you switch to scanning mode giving you instant results.

Quick mark

Quick mark is also an easy to use scanner. Something else about this scanner is that it is unique in that it allows users to scan multiple codes. This includes codes such as data matrix, quickmark, QR codes as well as Quick codes. In other words, with this scanner you can scan any type of code.

QR scanners android – how do you install an android scanner in your Smartphone

Although downloading and installing a scanner in your android smart device is easy, the trick is you must follow the right steps. Besides that, you must also follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your mobile app store. This could either be the android market or Google play store.
  2. After visiting your app store, locate the search bar where you get to type in the name of reader you wish to download and install in your phone. You have to specify by name the type of reader you want because there are plenty of readers available. However, not all readers suit your needs. Check out the reviews to help you make a decision.
  3. Once you have selected your reader, tap on it and proceed with the downloading process just like you would with other applications.
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