QR Codes:Why Businesses Love Them, Why People Ignore Them

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Like some alien invasion, QRCodes have been showing up on everything from billboards to grave yards. It’s almost as if some poltergeist entity has instructed businesses and marketers to plaster the black and white computer generated code on anything they can. They can be found in newspapers, magazines, business cards and even on cupcakes. (Make sure you scan before taking a bite)

Edible QR Codes

QR Codes bringing the dead back to life







Why are Businesses using QR Codes?

There are currently over five billion mobile subscribers worldwide. Over the last ten years the mobile phone has changed the way we shop, make reservations and even changed the way we interact with our friends and family. People are using their mobile devices to do anything from order movie tickets to do their weekly grocery shopping. The mobile era has offered businesses a tremendous opportunity to engage potential customers from just about anywhere.
The QR Code can be placed on any offline content and when scanned can direct users and consumers to an online interactive experience where they can instantly receive important information, receive promotions or discounts or even make a purchase. The ability to reach a market that now numbers over five billion mobile subscriptions is what motivates companies to plaster the QR Code anywhere a potential consumer might be found.

Emart, Korea’s version of Walmart, blended a QR Code with nature to create one of the most effective and creative QR Code campaigns.
[youtube id=”1N6EdgN3FUU” width=”600″ height=”350″]

According the latest surveys, the use of QR Codes as a mobile marketing tool has doubled in the UK as well as showing a steady rise in the US and across Europe. Sina Weibo, the Chinese blogging/ Facebook platform has generated over 200,000,000 QR Codes for their clients over the last year alone.

Why are QR Codes getting such a bad rap?

While the QR Code is a great tool to turn any offline content into an online experience, people simply aren’t interacting with them as often as marketers would like. There are two major reasons why QR Code use has not yet reached its potential.. The first stumbling block belongs to the marketing strategy (or lack of) when using QR Codes. Too many QR Code campaigns have left those who stopped to scan with a very frustrated and negative experience. Whether it is QR Codes that are placed in locations that are impossible or dangerous to scan or the lack of strategic planning that leads people who scan a company’s QR Code to a web page that is not mobile enabled, people have become frustrated with poor QR Code use.

For tips on creating a successful QR Code marketing campaign read: QR Codes Didn’t Die, Here’s How To Make Them Effective

The second factor that has kept the QR Code out of mainstream use, is its computer generated design. QR Codes are unattractive meaningless computer generated codes that offer no incentive for people to scan and are void of any visual design that people can relate to. After all, QR Codes were originally designed to be read by computers not people.

QR Code: San Me!
            Customer: Why?

Due to the QR Code’s unappealing appearance, they are often placed in the corner of an ad as if to say, ” Don’t notice me and certainly don’t scan me”. The design or company logo which is the incentive to engage has nothing to do with the QR Code that offers the ability to do so. While companies are using them, it seems, QR Codes are not getting the attention they they deserve.


Visualead Visual QR Codes: Keeping The Technology Without The Square

Visualead is making QR Codes relevant for brands and attractive to consumers by turning any design itself into a Visual QR Code. Taking a design that people recognize, love and trust and empowering it with QR Code technology, results in a more effective tool that enhances customer mobile engagement. Unlike the QR Code which offers no information as to where scanning will lead to, Visual QR Codes become part of the incentive to interact.


Visual QR Codes That Talk To People

The ability to instantly and seamlessly turn any design or part of one into a Visual QR Code without affecting the reliability of the QR Code itself, turns what used to be a meaningless computer code into a creative, effective and interactive call to action.

Branding With QR Codes

When it comes to branding, Visual QR Codes allow for the design or logo of a company to be the point and trigger for engagement. Companies can now allow customers to engage with their brand rather than with a random computer code.


Create a Visual QR Code in 60 Seconds

When designing QR Codes a company must be very cautious as to not to affect the reliability of the QR when improving its appearance. A design QR Code can cost a company anywhere from $20 to several hundred dollars depending on the design. Visual QR Codes can be created by anyone in under a minute and without having to outsource to a graphic designer.

[youtube id=”N2YEXGqhGRM” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Design your Visual QR Code at Visualead and start giving people a reason to engage.

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