QR codes with image

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qr codes with image

Are you interested in attracting more traffic to your website? Look no further since QR codes will do the trick. QR codes are two dimensional bar codes. Depending on the type of QR code, they can be linked to contact details, a website, a personal blog that has personal details and at times may even contain a text message. QR codes can be linked to many things depending on the needs of the one who is creating the QR code.

Using QR codes with image in business

Business owners have turned to using QR codes as a way of marketing their goods and services and as a platform which they can use to engage with their customers. When most people here of QR codes, what comes to their head is black square boxes that are randomly placed on a white background. However, this doesn’t have to be so. There are various ways that you can customize your QR code, to give it a unique and more attractive look. One way that you can customize a QR code is by adding some color and effect. Another way that you can customize a QR code is by including a company logo or an image. Read on and get to know how to create a QR code with image.

QR code with image

A QR code that has an image included in it is very attractive, and creating one is easy.

  • Choose a QR code generator that suits your operating system. It is advised that you choose a QR code generator that has received the most positive reviews from people who have used it as there are very many QR code generators out there.
  • Create, link and design the QR code. Once you have included all the data that you find to be relevant to your target audience, depending on your QR code type, add some color to your QR code.You can also add an image to the QR code. Ensure that the color and image that you use represents the brand of your company.
  • Test the QR code that you have just created before you let it out to the public. You will get a chance to scan it one you click on the create QR code button. Doing this will bring a preview of the QR code that you have created on your screen. You can be able to use a smartphone to capture a picture of the QR code preview and scan it.
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