QR codes readers

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qr codes readers

Do you constantly wonder what these black square matrixes that are placed on a white background are used for? QR codes were invented in the mid-1990s in Japan and they were solely used for inventory tracking in a car manufacturing company. However, this has changed over the years as they are being used in more than one way.

QR codes have the ability to store a lot of information, which is encoded. You to have a QR code scanner or reader to decode the information contained in the QR code. Back when QR codes were invented they were scanned using large bar code scanners. This is, however, not the case today due to improvements in technology. To make things better, the QR code scanning applications can be downloaded and installed on a smartphone. This means that you can be able to scan a QR code using your smartphone. If your smartphone is a newer model, then you might not need to download a QR code reader since it might come with a pre-installed QR code scanner.

QR code reader – scanning a QR code

Scanning a QR code is easy, just as creating a QR code is. As mentioned earlier, you do not have to carry around large bar code scanners. You can scan a QR code and decode the information that is contained therein using a smartphone that has a QR code scanner installed.

There are different types of QR code readers. There are readers which require that you take a picture of the QR code that you want to scan and save it in your gallery. This type of QR code reader requires that you launch it and select the photo of the QR code you want to scan from the gallery. The QR code reader automatically stores the information contained in the QR code in the smartphone device that was used to scan it.

There is another type of QR code reader that only requires you to focus the camera of your phone at the QR code that you want scanned. The QR code reader automatically scans the QR code and saves the information contained therein.

Whichever QR code readers you choose to use they all work in the same way to scan a QR code successfully.

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