QR codes marketing

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qr codes marketing

QR codes or quick response codes have been around since the early 90s. However, it is not only until the introduction of smartphones with the capability to scan this codes that these codes have increased in usage. According to research, at least 20.1 million smartphone users in the US use their smartphones to scan QR codes every three months. While this is not the higher number, the number of people scanning QR codes is always on the rise. For this reason, marketers are looking for a way to use QR codes to reach their clients. Marketers are using QR codes because of the potential they have when it comes to enriching product experience and offering value to clients.

QR codes marketing – Why QR codes are ideal for marketing

They reinvent the shopping experience

With QR codes, shoppers do not have to go to stores to shop. They can simply view virtual representation of shopping stores through their mobile device. They also scan QR codes on products to be able to add the product to their cart. This can be done from anywhere.

They enhance user experience

This is especially true when it comes to museums and art galleries. Most art galleries and museum place QR codes next to objects as a way of offering clients more information on the things that interest them.

They streamline the client’s visit

With QR codes businesses can streamline their business-client communication. QR codes make it efficient for clients to pay for services as opposed to waiting on long queues to pay.

A faster way of storing important information 

QR codes are mostly ideal because they offer clients an instant way of storing important information in their smartphones. This is because information in a QR code is automatically stored in the smartphone used to scan the code. This way, the chance of losing the info is reduced.

Building a following

With QR codes as a marketing campaign, one can easily grow the number of people following them on social media or online. This is done by simply allowing your clients to share the QR codes with their friends.

QR codes marketing – Type of information you can include in a QR code

QR codes are created in such a way that they can hold a lot of different information. You can place just about any type of info in a QR code. Commonly, QR codes carry urls that redirect users to landing pages or websites. However, you can also use QR codes to transmit contact detail, coupon codes, text data, sms and even information on a product or service.

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